BIR Confirms accreditation renewal dates for 790 importers and brokers

In separate advisories, BIR said the 281 importers and 43 customs brokers whose Importer’s Clearance Certificates (ICCs) and Broker’s Clearance Certificates (BCCs) are valid only until June 2017 are scheduled to renew their clearance certificates between March 1 and March 31

A total of 204 importers and customs brokers whose accreditation are set to expire from March to May are already scheduled to renew their BIR accreditation this month.

Under the rules set by Department of Finance (DOF) in 2014, securing the BCC and ICC from BIR’s Accounts Receivable Monitoring Division is the first step a customs broker or importer must take to be accredited then be allowed to transact with the BOC. DOF is the mother agency of both BIR and BOC.

The ICC and BCC from BIR must be renewed and submitted to BOC every three years. In September last year, BIR issued Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) No. 56-2016, which orders that the ICC and BCC be processed and released within five working days of submission of complete documents by applicants. This improves on the 15 working days prescribed by RMO No. 10-2014, which was issued in 2014 after DOF changed the rules on importers and customs brokers’ accreditation.